About us

Tee Tech Industries (Thermal Technology) is established in 2015, is engaged in engineering equipment manufacturing. Assuring good quality and guaranteed products. We are following the safety norms and quality standards.
We are designing and manufacturer of all types of Industrial Conveyors, Ex, Slat, Belt, Roller, Power Roller, and Over Head Conveyors, Light duty and Heavy duty capacity & Powder & Paint Curing Ovens,(Electric fire and LPG Fire) Batch type Powder Spray Booth & Conveyorized Powder Spray Booth with Multi Cyclone, Mono Cyclone, Cartridge filter and Bag Filter. Providing surface treatment,7-Tank Pre-treatment Process System Ex, Dip System, Auto Transport System, & Auto Spray System with PLC Programmed Control Panel.

List of Machines :

  • CNC Press-Brake Machine : 1 nos.
  • CNC Shearing Machine : 1 nos.
  • CO2 Welding Machine : 5 nos.
  • ARC Welding Machine : 3 nos.
  • Sander Machine (Portable) : 5 nos.
  • Grinder Machine (Portable) : 5 nos.
  • Hand Drilling Machine : 2 nos.
  • Chop saw cutter Machine : 2 nos.

about us